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If you live in CT, Please Read this Article NOW! Connecticut dismantles net metering

Please call me Immediately to Explain how this affects Connecticut as well as New York Solar (914) 233-3599

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Thank you for taking the time to discuss our solar program. This is an exciting time for the solar industry and we are proud to be one of the leaders. We understand it"s natural to have questions and/or concerns and we are sensitive to this.
Please feel free to call or email me to answer any question or concern 1-844-217-7010 (Option 1), or by Text or Cell: 914-233-3599.

I've included several links below that will hopefully answer some of these and also give some insight into our company.

-Indian Point Closing: [Click here to view about Indian Point Closing

-NY Sun Initiative [Click here to view NY Sun Initiative

-NY Green Bank Announces $37 Million Solar Deal Click here to view the NY Green Bank Announcement

-$5000 New York tax credit for using renewable solar energy:[Click here to view $5,000 NY Tax Credit

-Governor Cuomo Launches $5 billion clean energy fund grow New York [Click here to view Governor Cuomo's $5 Billion Clean Energy Fund Annuncement

-Every thing You Need to know about Home Batteries [Click here to view what You want to know about House Batteries

What we do is We Design, Deliver, Install, Finance & Maintain a Solar Panel System to Qualified Homes and we Cap the price of your Electric needs for twenty years.
We only charge you for the energy produced at a rate that is 10-40 per cent lower that your current Electric provider. [You will still need to maintain service with your current provider to give you access to the Grid. (or you can purchase the System for a monthly price lower than you are paying Now.
Once again I reiterate that there is No upfront cost to you to have the Solar Panels and the Entire System installed on your home as long as your house Qualifies for the Program.
Your local Utility Requires that I Review a copy/picture of a recent Utility Bill. (Please send by email or text).
Upon receipt I will show you how much you are actually currently paying, per kwh [both Supply & Delivery] and then show you your maximum saving by switching to Solar for the majority of your electric needs. (This will, of course, be Beneficial to the Environment.)
The next step in the process is to have a Site Survey your home (again I state that this is at no cost to you).
Please let me know the best time of day, and day of the week for the site survey. [Monday-Saturday between 8-11am, 11am-2pm, 2pm-5pm].
I am, personally available, anytime between 8am -9pm!

Our Promise:

1. We install "Our Panels/System" on your roof (Assuming your house Qualifies)
2. You pay us Only for the power that you produce which includes both the Supply & Delivery price and The price is Level for 20 years*.]
3. All of the produced power is yours as we do not share in any power that is sent to the Grid and subsequently returned from the Grid through your Net Meter.
4. We will Design, Install, Maintain, Repair, Monitor, and Insure the System for 20 years with No "out-of-Pocket cost to you".
    We will fix or pay for any damage we may cause to your property or belongings.
    We will not place a lien on your property.
    We warranty our work for the initial 20-year term.
    We warranty that Our roof penetrations will be watertight for 20 years.
    You will not be responsible for any tax assessed on the System.
    You are free to cancel at any time prior to our commencement of our doing any work on or near your property.
    Your energy price will not increase by more than 2.9% per year *1.
5. We own the panels so your local municipality can not raise your homes Appraised Value, nor Tax you on same.
    We pay the insurance for the system.
6. If you move we guarantee You can transfer the Agreement to the new owner, regardless of credit rating of the new owne.
    You can relocate the System to your new home;
    or after the sixth anniversary, you can purchase the system.
    You can prepay the Agreement.
7. At the end of the term you can renew the Agreement for a subsequent term;
    You can purchase the System; or
    you can request that we remove the System at no additional cost.

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